Villa la Selva arises in Montebenichi, at the border of the Chianti Classico, in an area rich of grazing land and woods, conferring a wild and pure personality to the rural land. It extends over 100 hectares, of which 12 are destined to the vineyards. These were present already in the Medicean era, with manuscripts providing accounts of the predilection of the Medici family for the Valdambra wines.
A quality production


With an array of different characteristics, the structure of this land allows to cultivate various typologies of vines, with the aim of obtaining the best from each. We prefer to grow Sangiovese on the least refined land, continuing the area’s tradition. On the other hand, on richer and more compact land, we grow international varieties: native vines that communicate their distinctive character and belonging to this land. The grapes grown in our vineyards are mainly sangiovese, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, together with a small proportion of malvasia and trebbiano. A simple assumption stands behind our philosophy: quality vines, grown in full respect of the environment, are necessary to make good wine. That is why we intervene only where necessary, avoiding to force the plants’ natural cycle.