Villa la Selva arises in the heart of Chianti, beloved destination since ancient times, for the beauty of the landscapes, which show a nature that is completely untouched and wild at times, and where the presence of man did not disturb its equilibrium. Already widely appreciated in the past, and once property of the Medici family, this area has discovered its touristic vocation thanks to its absolute sovereign: wine. Anywhere in the world Chianti means wine, and even more it means Tuscan essence. Only here and in very few other areas in Italy, the union of wine and territory acquires a deeply-rooted, vital and almost magic meaning.
Beauty and culture


We have the luck of being in an area located next to the cities of art and culture that are the destination of thousands of tourists every year. The nearby Siena, of which the historic centre has become UNESCO World Heritage in 1995, renowned all over the world for its Piazza, del Campo, where the Palio takes place twice a year, nowadays a real secular liturgy, engaging both its inhabitants and tourists, who get involved in its captivating atmosphere. Siena is nevertheless not only the city of the Palio. On the contrary, it has magnificent churches, palaces and museums, among which the extraordinary Duomo and the famous Torre del Mangia are worth mentioning.

At a short distance are Florence and Arezzo, the first being an international capital of beauty and history, the latter, probably less known, is nonetheless full of treasures, such as the many works of Piero della Francesca and Giotto. It is also known for its important antiques market.

At Villa la Selva you will only have to choose: untouched nature, wine, history, culture. In a few words, Tuscany and Chianti.