Through “aria di chianti” Villa la Selva interprets the most feminine and aristocratic side of a classic and sophisticated Tuscany, which is majestic and modern, refined and charismatic. Aria di chianti, through the sense of smell to the heart!
The inspiration


“I remember of when I was a child, and felt the clean,

scented and lively air of this land, enchanting and fascinating…

it takes your heart”

Guya Carpini Patrizi

Two unique fragrances, resulting from the atmospheres of Villa la Selva, and from the product that has always been cultivated here with great love and devotion: grapes. The inspiration of Guya and Marco Patrizi, owners of the third generation of extraordinary Medicean estate, today transformed into a wine resort, derives from the desire of those who visited the estate bring home the air of its gentle hills and vineyards. In collaboration with expert master perfumers, they created “Aria di Chianti”, their first line of home fragrances, based on red and white wine. Their intent is to make the unique and inebriating olfactory sensations that their estate gives known to the world, concentrating them in elegant bottles, containing the sensorial core of Villa la Selva.



A fruity and seducing essence, with a core mark of red grapes, enriched by hints of seasoned woods that recall wine’s tannins, and vanilla, softened by a bouquet of wild berries and honey. The harmony of this fragrance makes it unique, and unforgettable sensory experience



A seductive fragrance, with a fruity and flowery bouquet of distinct personality, and a core mark of white passita grapes. It is enriched by shades of honey, vanilla and violet, lily of the valley and rose, the most typical in Chianti’s gardens and fields.