Guymar is born
New expression of Villa La Selva

A new style of wine, always linked to tradition and in full respect of our vineyards, but with a more contemporary attire. Important wines, deriving from a great passion that, together with my family and the precious contribution of those working at Villa La Selva, we put everyday. With Guymar we undertook a new winemaking strategy that will lead us to organic wines. The primary features of the wines are authenticity, intensity, balance and pleasantness.

Guymar, red 2015
100% Sangiovese, it is a young, different wine, already with a great structure. It has the typical deep ruby red colour of our Sangiovese, but clear and definite in its olfactory cleanness. A soft, engaging wine, with a good acidity and persistence. A wine based on freshness and pleasure in drinking.

Guymar,  white 2016
Malvasia, Trebbiano and Vermentino, very pleasant and inviting. With a yellow straw-like colour, it has a good freshness. Aromatic and floral, soft and enveloping, with a good acidity. A white wine of great personality

Guymar is a music piece that Maestro Renato Sellani composed for my wife Guya and I.

Marco Patrizi